Author: The Lazy Teacher

Teaching in Sickness and in Health

I croaked on my first day of teaching. Literally croaked. It is the stuff of nightmares that teachers dread coming true. The first day of school already brings out spectra of emotions, from excitement to frustration to elation to angst. It is the day teachers are able to set the tone of their classrooms, to lay down rules and expectations, to redirect summer-addled minds back to purposeful learning. It is also the annual bootcamp period, testing every educator’s ability to present a veneer of perfect working order whilst running triage behind the scenes. We talk about avoiding information overload when it...

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The Lazy Teacher: a primer

Teachers are frightening human beings. When I think about the numerous roles they actively play—counsellor, mediator, coach, adviser, nurse, guard, designer, physical search engine, experimental subjects, prank victims—on top of their regular duties as an educator, I start to doubt whether they’re even human. Because what sort of person willingly decides to work so hard, and for so little recognition? What sane individual would dare take up the heavy mantle of this profession at a time when there is so much animosity toward teachers? Teachers are unsung heroes, and deserve all the praise they can get. I’ve grown to...

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