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Welcome! This site is dedicated to ‘lazy teachers’ like me whose goals centre on working smarter, not harder. With all the extra work we have to do besides actually teaching, it would be great to find strategies, tools, and resources that can be easily adapted in our classrooms.

Teachers know that this career requires plenty of support. Lazy teachers require even more. The Internet has brought countless educators together, sharing their experiences, materials, and advice. But current educational reforms have prioritised early childhood education, and while I understand the idea behind the push, I’ve found that finding strategies and resources geared specifically at the secondary level is a bit more difficult. During workshops and methods courses, I often found myself wondering how to translate activities and strategies to be age appropriate for young adults. Even when I browse through teacher catalogues for classroom setups, many of the items are geared for the lower grades. That isn’t to say that my Year 12 students would not appreciate zebra-striped pencils with funky rubber caps, but I’d rather order a set of fountain pens for them. Classroom posters that often work great in a Year 1 classroom are often glossed over by teenagers, and it would be great to find designs outside of the primary colour wheel.

So this site is geared more toward teachers at the secondary level, many of whom would rather find materials specifically made with them in mind, rather than having to co-opt everything. The blog posts that form the core content of this site are from my own experiences as a high school teacher. Of course, many of the issues I face can be understood by educators of all grade levels, and I hope you find this place both informative and entertaining.

George Salazar

Founder, Lead Author

profileGeorge is a New Jersey English teacher currently working in a public high school. Having been born and raised abroad, he is acutely aware of the various approaches to education, from individual teaching styles to cultural perspectives to national agendas regarding the role and function of teachers. Professionally, his interests and areas of expertise include curriculum design, researched-based pedagogy, canon formation, sociolinguistics, and tech integration.

Outside the classroom, George loves to sleep in, and hibernates during any extended holiday. When he can muster enough energy to get off the bed, it’s usually just to walk three paces to his computer desk and get lost in the weird, wacky world of the Internet.

When he isn’t slothing around, he does enjoy strolling around the city, taking snapshots, poring over stationery, and catching up with friends he regularly neglects when catching up with schoolwork.

A self-proclaimed ‘lazy’ teacher, George is always on the search to make teaching easier–in addition to being meaningful for both himself and his students–so he can spend more time on truly important matters, e.g. deciding whether to buy eggshell or ivory letterheads.

George is too lazy to conform his blog to US conventions, and will be writing his blog primarly in British English conventions, as it is the English he was taught. Don’t worry; he knows enough about GenAm standards to teach his students well.

Naturally, the opinions expressed on this page are my own, and in no way reflect the views of the district in which I am employed.

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